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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The Music Video: Setula – Nick Nola, Vampino, Viboyo


Setula, shot by Superstar Films will astound one for its traditional touch. It keeps track of the traditional concept without letting go of the modern feel. The men in the kanzus, ladies in the bikoyis and the dancers doing it the Kiganda way, is something worth a thumbs-up. If one thing is to be praised about this video, then it’s the costumes. Nick Nola’s costume was praise-worthy of a true African artiste.

The well-choreographed dances are worth mentioning. They help fuse the modern and the traditional styles as a viewer gets to experience a taste of both in this music video. The audio is in sync with the visuals, and the dances come in at the right times as the video plays. I liked the way Viboyo in a kanzu rapped with a lady in a gomesi by his side while holding a calabash in his hands.

The storyline is wonderful, and it’s executed to perfection. The set design of this music video is not bad either, it’s rich in art and is well-conceptualised. Unlike most Ugandan music videos, Setula is Ugandan, it markets Uganda and is branded Ugandan. For a viewer, one definitely gets to enjoy the traditional dances rhyming on an urban music beat.

The smoke effect in the video was another great addition, but it’s over-done just like some of the effects in this music video. All these bring some amateurish touches and reduce what would have been a great music video to simply good. The smoke effect simply kills the visibility of some important parts of this music video and makes it flawed. However, it’s not a boring video, it’s worth watching for those three minutes. Nice concept, over-done effects.

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