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Raba Daba

Raba Daba

When watched on mute, the message in Love Portion undoubtedly comes off. One can see the mechanic aka Rabadaba fully adorned in his overall trying to repair one of those vintage cars for this smashing girl.  The zeal he exhibits for his job, the cheers from his fellow mechanics like Don MC enhances the play-out of the message which makes Love Portion score highly on this note.
Taking a garage as a location is not unique, but making it a garage for vintage cars gives the concept a new lease of life and makes it stand out. The costumes support the role of these mechanics and the girl’s make-up was well-done which made her stunningly hot.  And for Rabadaba’s dance strokes, they suited the picture of a garage dude.

Don MC comes off wonderfully to play his role in the video as he also tries his luck at proving how much he’s in love with this girl. (Talk of competition between mechanics for a girl).

The lighting, however, was not well-regulated; it seems the video based on the usage of natural light which saw some parts come off shadowy. Somewhere along the way, it seems the audio was out of sync with the visual. The sound would come off before Rabadaba’s lips opened. This was a great flaw that Face Films should have corrected during the post-production editing.

The video ends like most Ugandan music videos with a group of men dancing around, seems they keep doing this to favour the characters who are always on scene during the video shooting. At least, I wanted to see Don MC being the end winner. Not a bad video.

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