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The DVD: Now You See Me

Now You See Me

If you are the impatient kind, then this is your kind of movie. The flick is so fast paced that you might not notice it is two hours long. It is the kind of speed that you will like especially given that it is not a guns and speeding cars kind of movie.

Four magicians, Welder (Dave Franco), McKinney (Woody Harrelson), Daniel (Jesse Eisenberg) and Henley (Isha Fisher) the only female, are forced to leave their small magic shows to perform a grand show together. Their shows are so grand, you want to be part of the audience.

Together, they perform out of the world tricks like robbing a bank. They seem to be using their magic to correct wrongs. What they are doing is bigger than them and they don’t know who is behind the instructions they are receiving. Later they learn who it is and the movie ends before you digest it. It is incredible. When I finished it, my reaction was, “Whaaat?!” And I pressed the replay button, chances are you will do the same.

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