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Zari’s show for NTV



Last year, after watching and falling in love with prominent E reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians, socialite Zari Hussein decided to start her own reality TV show Zari the Boss Lady.  The show aired on UBC TV and it was about the way Zari, who is known to live a luxurious life, lives her life, her friends and everything around her. But unfortunately the show turned out a flop.

According to critics, almost everything, besides Zari’s beauty and her luxury lifestyle, was wrong. And the show came to an abrupt end when Zari was filmed sharing a kiss with fashion designer Sylvia Owori.
But Zari who is currently rumoured to be exepecting her fourth child did not give up on her dream. The socialite says that her reality TV show is set to return to our screens soon.

Zari, who went off social network site Facebook, a few weeks ago, used her Twitter handle to let us know that her show is set to return. Mbu this time it will be bigger as it is set to air on the nation’s biggest TV channel, NTV Uganda!
“New series coming on NTV soon. Working on a TV series for the awesome show soon on NTV with Sylvia doing her thing,” Zari’s tweet read. We are waiting for NTV to confirm or deny this statement.

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