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Mun G reveals he is a father in waiting

Mun G

Mun G

Rapper Mun G last week premiered his latest video dubbed Sejjusa at Asylum. The song is not really about renegade Military General David Tinyefunza aka Ssejusa, but it has comical lines on having fun and not giving a damn.
And over the weekend, Chameleone and Mun G released a new club banger titled Born Fighter. We must say, Mun G has quite enough for his fans for the next several months.

And away from music, the rapper is also doing well in his secret love affair. We can reliably reveal that Mun G is set to become a dad soon.
We got it from the horse’s mouth when he made a post of his Facebook wall confirming that his girlfriend is expecting. “…Haters get ur facts straight, yes my woman is pregnant and I do stay with her…”
Mun G was however not happy with a few sections of the media that were spreading rumours that his girlfriend was pregnant for the rapper’s elder brother.

“Kati what is this nonsense spreading mbu my woman is pregnant, mbu but it’s my elder brother’s… No, I don’t have an elder brother I stay with, in fact I have no elder brother at all. I am the first born in my family. So pliz whenever you haters are spreading your wolokoso try to find at least some facts to make ur s**t believable…Temunkooya.”
Need we say more?

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