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Masembe finally flies talent search winners to Disneyland in France

The super star kids enjoying themselves in Disney

The super star kids enjoying themselves in Disney

A  promise is a debt and a promise to a child is even more than just a debt. Ladies and gentlemen join us to congratulate Joseph Masembe, the CEO Super Star Kids upon fulfilling a promise he made to the children that won the Superstar Kid Talent Search competition that was held sometime in May this year.

Masembe had promised to take one child and his parents to Disney Land but he later increased the number of lucky winners to five. Many were beginning to rubbish this as a hoax as several months had passed without the children receiving their prize. But last week, Masembe flew five children to Euro Disney in France where the children toured and had fun in the five-star children tourist arena.

Even with just days to his much hyped Super Star Green Festival that is due next Sunday (September 1st), Masembe spared time and flew with the children and made sure they had a memorable experience.
“I have to thank God! It’s beyond amazing seeing these children happy. I look forward to doing something greater for the children in Uganda. Besides planting trees for the future, it’s now going to become an annual arrangement to take different talented children to different dream destinations. I thank the parents that believed in me,” Masembe told us upon returning from the week-long tour.

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