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Hustler : Rogers Kaggwa – Jordan Motors

Rogers Kaggwa

Rogers Kaggwa

What exactly do you deal in at Jordan motors?
We deal in new and used cars plus import and re-exportation to some of our neighbouring countries mostly Southern Sudan.

When did you  start this business?
In May 2011.

How much did you invest?
I started with just Shs4m.

How much is this business worth?
About Shs50m.

 What are some of the challenges you are facing at Jordan motors?
This business involves offering credit to our clients, many of whom take long to pay. Sometimes you can find yourself having 50 per cent of your working capital held up in debts. Also, the ever fluctuating dollar rates and taxes make our returns on imports very unpredictable.

How  have you benefited from this business?
The business is growing steadily. I have also been able to diversify and invest into other ventures through this business. But my most treasured asset is my clientele. I now know a lot of people through Jordan Motors.

How much do you cars go for?
It depends on a lot of things like which car you want to buy. Which model? Is is used or new? If used, what is the year of registration? All those must be considered.  But generally, they range from Shs7m to Shs30m.

What are some of the types of cars you deal in? 
I basically deal in Japanese cars and mostly Toyota like, Premio, Raum, Spacio, Vitz, Noah, Harrier and others.

Where do you get those cars?
I import from Japan basically and I also buy used cars from right here for resale.

Where is your business located?
At Empire Building on Lumumba Avenue, behind Case Clinic.

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