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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The music video: STAY – Amaru



It’s one of the videos in the race for Female Music Video of the Year at the CMVAs, and one of those videos where the judges did not go wrong at all. Directed by Adio Ash, a Nigerian film-maker based in New York and probably shot in the same area, the music video brings out the power of simplicity when fused with art.  It’s more of something you could describe as visual artistry with simplicity.

It begins with her boyfriend’s stuff being packed away in a card box. The on-location set-up in the house brings out the message effortlessly, the guitar in the corner, the distressed Amaru and the actions of the boyfriend which match up to every word in the song.

There is that remarkable outside scenery in some park of sorts that booms with flora. The video definitely tickles emotions and connects to the heart. The director used Amaru and the boyfriend to really come alive and deliver the visual message in the video.  For those who have never healed from a heart-break, this video may see you shed a tear. She looks so angelic, yet vulnerable at the same time as she sips on that cup of coffee and strings away on the guitar.
Stay is devoid of special effects, and I doubt it was shot on high budget still it does not disappoint. It picks up the story and tells it in a visual and inspiring format.  There was a romantic touch in how the video ended. You have Amaru playing the guitar as the boyfriend looks through the window high above, which seemed like a movie scene, (forget the scenes in Zari the Boss Lady). I hate that there is nothing bad about this music video.

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