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The music video: 18 and over – Bakri

18 and over

18 and over

The video has two club music video award nominations for best set design and new-comer of the year. 18 and Over by Bakri is an engaging video right from the start.

From the high definition visuals to the catchy storyline, and its set-design, it’s worth the hype. Rarely do popular audios get artistic videos, 18 and Over is one with great audio and a great music video.

Though I don’t like Bakri’s attire in the video (actually the only flaw I found), I must say, the colouring and the lighting were impressive. There are those phone messages that stream by on the screen to build up on the message in the video.  The actual set-design hype comes in during the party moment.  The costuming was good with the party masks, coupled with the men in the suits.  And of course, the table decorations showed that these guys went to great lengths to paint a party mood.

There is also a comical addition to the video coming from the photographer who enjoys himself so much, taking several shots of the couple that is the subject of the song, much to the chagrin of other guests.

Then there is that sync of the darkened shadow of a girl dancing to the song. She was on point in her role and Bakri seamed in so well here. If you’ve never seen someone ride a scooter on the beach sand, then you won’t feel cheated as these shots are captured as the video ends. 18 and Over is one video that makes the most out of the location, the set-design and the character roles. It’s worth taking the time to watch it.

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