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Rema had long quit Bebe Cool’s Gagamel



Last week, singer Bebe Cool announced the exit of singer Rema Namakula from his Gagamel Entertainment Crew. The news didn’t come as a shocker because of several reasons. Rema’s romantic relationship with singer Eddie Kenzo, who allegedly does not see eye to eye with Bebe Cool, was believed to be the reason Rema and Bebe had to part ways. A music critic summed it like this: “It’s a norm for Ugandan musicians to seek independence from their makers once they get a hit! Actually it’s absolute excitement!”

However, in the Facebook post Bebe made last week, he pointed out three reasons why he had to let a talent he has nurtured for over eight years leave. “She got herself a manager out of the group (Gagamel). Rema and her new manager sold the concert (her album launch) without my consent, which I disapprove of as the person who made her. I know the dangers in it!”

Bebe also cautioned Rema. “When a child gets on it’s feet, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can run!”
After all that though, he signed out by extending his blessing to the artiste. “Rema, I wish you luck and I pray that Allah guides you through your dream!”
Rema has remained silent and her known phone went unanswered when we called her!
But, word on the grapevine is that Rema had quit Gagamel several months ago and Bebe Cool’s post was only making it official.

Only time will tell if Rema can stand as a solo artiste and doesn’t end up like the Kiwoko boys and Dizzy Nutts who have parted ways with Bebe in the past and faded! All the best Rema.

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