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Date with a celeb : Khalifa meets fan, Snake

Khalifa gestures with his Rastafarian fan Snake at Twinkle Star Agency.   PHOTO BY ISAAC  SSEJJOMBWE

Khalifa gestures with his Rastafarian fan Snake at Twinkle Star Agency. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

Khalifa, commonly known as Aganaga is a new kid on the block. He has a few songs enjoying heavy rotation on most radio and Tv stations across Uganda. He meets his fan who identified himself as Snake.

You look young. How old you are?
I’m 23 years old.

What were you doing before joining the music industry?
I was a student, pursuing a Bachelors in Music Dance and Drama at Makerere University.

What are your real names?
Sadat Mukiibi.

Give us a brief background about yourself?
I was born on March 3, 1990 and I grew up with a single mother in a Kampala suburb known as Kabowa. I did my O and A-Levels at Kawanda Secondary school.

You keep singing the word Aganaga in your songs and people call you that. Where did the word come from?
That’s a secret I will have to reveal when the right time comes.

When is the right time?
When I hold my first album launch concert.

Apparently, your songs Mina Konda and Ndabirawa are enjoying enormous airplay in most happening places, what is your game plan of staying relevant in this competitive industry?
My strategy is singing about the average person. I came with something new for the ears of the music lovers, which touches everyone. If you care to notice, my songs have a message in them, which other artistes don’t have.

Who writes your songs?
I write my own songs.

Why did you sign with Twinkle Star Agency to manage your career?
I would call it a music partnership with Twinkle Star Agency simply because they are skilled, professional and experienced given their track record and artistes they have worked with previously. I believe they are the right guys to take my career to the next level.

What exactly do they do for you?
They publicise, promote (secure airplay),  aid in audio and video production, they do my public realtions and representation, they offer advice and counsel, coordinate and solicit bookings and more.

Your sound is new. What do you call your style of music?
It’s a fusion of mostly zouk and dancehall so I call it Afro dance zouk.

Who inspired you to join the music industry?
I nurtured the talent but I think my big brother Ibra gave me the moral support to take on music.

What’s the difference between you and other Ugandan artistes?
I am a full package, I have a different style of music, image and sense of fashion. Most importantly I have a vision, which I want to achieve and I have set targets for different stages of my career. Honestly speaking, very few of my fellow artistes think that way.

So, what is this vision?
That’s my secret. Watch as it falls in place.

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