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As we eagerly await to watch Konshens this August, here is some great news for students of Kololo S.S. News is that one of hottest dancehall sensations in the world  will be visiting and touring the school when he lands in the country on the August 21!

Konshens, who will be in partnership with Career Imagination Programme (CIP), an initiative that provides mentoring programmes and teaches young people new skills such as carpentry, photography and other vocational skills. He will also donate scholastic materials, among others to help the students improve their education.

“It’s always good to help out children in any way possible and books are very important in life, not just in school. Knowledge is power and the ability to read is very important. I make a living off words so I know what I’m talking about,” read a Konshens’ quote in a press briefing we attained from CIP.

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