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Comedian Prince Ehmah reveals he is a dad

Prince Emah and daughter Whitney

Prince Emah and daughter Whitney

When he cracked jokes about his girlfriend called Atimango, we all thought it was to crack our ribs up; but comedian has proved to us that Atimango actually exists and is doing a great job as a girlfriend. Whereas Atimango was a pseudo name, we managed to identify Prince Ehmah’s live-in girlfriend is from western Uganda!

Prince Ehmah’s post earlier this week proved to us that we should take comedy seriously!
“Five months ago, the Lord blessed me with one of humanity’s most precious gifts, a child.
On January 14, I became a dad to an amazing beautiful baby girl named Whitney. I hope she will be as great as her namesake. Children are a great source of joy and through this little girl I have seen the beauty of bringing into this world a new soul. Every time I am down and feel like giving up, all I do is look into the eyes of this little princess, imagine a simpler and easier life for her and I get the strength to fight on….that is the beauty of being a parent…”

Well, kindly accept our belated congratulatory message to you Prince Emah and Mama Whitney. We wish Whitney a great life! We also congratulate you upon having succeeded in hiding such crucial info from us for all these months.

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