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Bailiffs take over house Drake Lubega bought from Meddie

The house that has been taken over by Bailiffs

The house that has been taken over by Bailiffs

Last month, the High Court granted the lawyers of David Greenhalgh to go ahead and attach property belonging to both Bad Black and Meddie Sentongo. The last we heard, Meddie’s lawyers had filed a suit countering the court order to attach their client’s property arguing that he had never dealt with David Greenhalgh.

We are not sure what came out of the counter-suit by Meddie’s lawyers, but we are sure, Greenhalgh’s lawyers have already rolled out with the court order. We were treated to free drama as Kiira Road Police officers raided a house situated at Kyadondo Block 221 plot 1366 in Naalya and gave the occupants a few days to vacate or they will be forced to vacate.

We learnt from a Police officer that Meddie had sold off the house to tycoon Drake Lubega sometime last year. The police officer explained to us that Greenhalgh’s lawyers took over the house because “Drake Lubega had bought property that was under dispute!”

Drake Lubega spoke to the police officers on phone but the conversation did not yield any results. However, a few minutes after court bailiffs and police had talked to the occupants of the house and erected signposts indicating the property was under court protection, some men came and uprooted the sign posts and went with them. The drama is just unfolding.

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