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Ugandan to feature in 24



Of course everyone remembers the 24 series, the counterterrorism drama that fuelled terrorism fears in the wake of the September 11 attacks. Well, the series are back, Fox network, announced early this week. And what is even new – you are likely to see a Ugandan on the international big screen again.

Alvin Kasule, the Producer of The Ugandan movie, auditioned for the 24 series. Word has it that part of the narrative of the series is the recent Boston Marathon Bombings that claimed three people.
Kasule who himself lives in Boston, runs several entertainment spots in the Massachusetts’ biggest city. According to reliable sources, 24 this time round, is a 12-episode series and will be released next year.
Reliable sources also add, Kiefer Sutherland will return in the title role of Jack Bauer, a secret agent who will stop at nothing to stave off impending attacks.

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