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No bank is taking my beach – Bobi

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

“Minds, eyes and mouths off our achievements…” was the starting line of Bobi Wine’s post on Facebook earlier this week. The singer is not happy about a section of “haters” that he says after singing about his achievements, are crossing the limit to create falsehoods that a certain bank is attaching his One Love Beach facility over a bank loan he failed to service.
Bobi said he was okay with people discussing his businesses and properties, “They have failed to come to terms with the painful fact that what I already have is what they are looking for in life.”

“However, their recent move to tarnish One Love Beach by spreading a rumour that it has been taken over by Equity Bank was poorly calculated,” Bobi wrote.
When contacted, Bobi told us that he has never dealt with Equity Bank, “Not in any form of business.” “Fire Base Entertainment, Fire Records, One Love Beach, Angry Management and all our sister companies have never had any business with Equity Bank in all their existence.”

Bobi also went ahead and questioned how such a reputable bank could be “dragged into such cheap propaganda” and just takes a back seat.
“I have been and I am still the proud face of the prestigious Centenary Bank for the last six years… do these haters even remember that? During the times when most my peers were busy getting drunk, I was toiling to save and attain a permanent legacy for my fans so that we all have a place to congregate and call home. Therefore, the 26 acres on which One Love Beach sits is and shall always be property of the Ghetto Republic,” Bobi concluded.
According to sources within Fire Base crew, Bobi was irked by allegations he alleges were created by archrival Bebe Cool.  Over to you, Bebe!

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