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THE TRACK : Magnetic – Radio & Weasel

Magnetic - Radio & Weasel

Magnetic – Radio & Weasel

Why do entertainers often ask their audiences the question: “Are you ready?” It sounds like a threat, as if they are about to blow you up with some heavy plutonium and they are asking you for your final words.

In a sense, you may say that Weasel and Radio do indeed go ahead to blow a few things up with this song. If you want to know what I mean here, go to a bar and watch the reaction when this song suddenly comes through the stereo – it is like there is an explosion on the floor.

And that is when it occurs to you, Magnetic, and the songs these boys have released of late, have drawn their fans closer to them like iron fillings onto a magnet. Magnetic is strong on groove, thump and verve and infectiousness. The duo sings about love, of a lover’s affection whose appeal is so strong, it draws the other party on like a magnet.

It is a great song, and maybe, it is now no longer the issue that these boys make good music. It is things like maturity that now are. It should probably be the last piece in the making of a truly great music ensemble.

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