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THE MUSIC VIDEO: Nsuubiza – Bobi Wine Ft. Serena

Nsuubiza - Bobi Wine Ft. Serena

Nsuubiza – Bobi Wine Ft. Serena

If all cheating men could learn to apologise to their girlfriends in such a grandiose way showcased in the Nsuubiza video, then we would have less broken relationships. Frank Ja must surely be the best music video director as far as storylines are concerned. The video begins off with Bobi Wine driving a trailer with the word “nsonyiwa” (forgive me) inscribed on it.

The real hook in the video comes at the point when Bobi Wine parks the trailer and jumps out like the gangster he is. It proved two things about this music video – its storyline mastery and the powerful emotions displayed by Serena and Bobi Wine. The storyline develops further when rose flowers are offloaded from the trailer. (Seems every rose flower represented a past mistake or a side-dish.) On the technical aspect, the video scores highly as far as the audio-visual sync are concerned. It proves a great part as far as the final-edit is concerned.

On the other side, the video should have given us more close-up shots of Serena, she was a bit hidden and the lighting did not help to correct this. The yellow colorisation was over-done. Serena gets so static by staying too long by the balcony.  I was also disappointed by the promised land Bobi Wine pledged in the video. If the promised land means amateurish dance strokes at the end, then Serena is better off as a single girl.

In Summary, Nsuubiza is one video that plays out the message in the audio, the characters bring out the emotions and keep the viewer glued for the four and half minutes it runs. It’s worth viewing though one is more likely to watch it for the artiste and the message.

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