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THE DVD: Borat

These days there seems to be a busy bug all over the place. This usually comes with stress. If you are IN need of a stress reliever, the movie Borat will do just that by making you laugh till you drop. Borat is a TV personality who leaves his country Kazakhstan for America to do a documentary.



While in America, he does the dumbest things from sunbathing in a ladies’ swimming costume to driving across states to find Pamela Anderson whom he has only seen on TV and on a magazine but is madly in love with.  The character is acted by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Do you remember him in The Dictator? He was so hilarious and got some people watching the movie more than once. But in some scenes the humour was taken to another level and it was disgusting. But not in Borat, all scenes are hilarious. Some are so silly, that you might want to pause the flick and laugh from time to time. And yet it is hard to describe them because it is not only about what the actors say but their costumes, gestures and setting as well.

I tried watching this from a room with sleeping people, thinking I would control myself but I failed. Watch it from a place where you can laugh and throw your hands and legs in the air.

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