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Chameleone sets off to upgrade Seguku house



So much has been said of Chameleone’s impromptu exit from his Seguku mansion earlier this year. Some rumours indicate that Chameleone had sold the house way before he left it.
Other people say that since the death of Robert Karamagi, who allegedly set himself ablaze at the singer’s house last December, Chameleone has had a disturbed conscience and he was also being haunted by neighbours.

But as Sqoop, we go with Chameleone’s earlier statement; “My security and that of my family was compromised in Seguku. Therefore it was prudent to acquire another place as the security issues at Seguku got fixed. Again, this will allow for the renovation work that has been going on at Seguku for the last four months to get finished and done more efficiently,” Chameleone wrote on his Facebook wall as he unveiled his new residence in Muyenga.

And speaking of renovations, Chameleone indeed kicked that off  on his Seguku house sometime back and he has been supervising work there silently.

A source close to the singer sent us this photo as update of the work going on at the Badilisha singer’s house. “He (Chameleone) has had the house for a decade and what he wanted a decade ago is not what he wants today. He is trying to make the house what he wants today and although this will take some time Chameleone will return to his house when it gets to what he wants,” said the source.
Chameleone recently bragged that his mansion is worth Shs1bn.

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