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Starring: James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel
Director: Danny Boyle
Genre: Drama, thriller
Running time: 101 minutes
Now showing at Cineplex Cinema- The Hub

Danny Boyle who brought you the inspirational Slumdog Millionaire now brings you Trance, which opens today at Cineplex Cinema. Five percent of the population is gullible and some people are out to use this to play with people’s memories.

The story takes shape as a guy called Simon, an auctioneer of fine art pieces is involved in theft. He likes one particular piece from a collection in his auction house and decides to steal it.

He is a respected man and he will not take the blame when the  owner of this art piece comes to claim his money, so what he does is betray his colleagues, putting the blame of the lost piece on them. They will not be taking this lightly and one of them punches him hard on the head, leaving him all dizzy and brings about a spot of amnesia. The punch has an effect on his brain and causes him to forget the location of the painting.

Simon’s colleague Franck arranges a consultation with a hypnotherapist in order to unlock Simon’s memories as to where the painting is. There are people who do not want Simon to remember so they will do anything to keep that from happening. What is in it for these guys in trying hard not to let Simon remember, or keep him in a trance? Well, go watch to find out.

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