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The hills run red


What would you do if something you love so much disappeared? Go after it? Tyler (Tad Hilgenbrinck), Alexa (Sophie Monk) and a group of other horror movie freaks do exactly that when they learn that many years ago, a horror movie said to be the scariest of all mysteriously disappeared.

To their shock, they find that the crazy killer in the missing movie is real and is ecstatic about meeting fans that are freaks of his art like these who risk their lives to find his movie. It is an act of curiosity and you know what they say about it, it killed a cat, it can kill a human too.

The story line changes a good number of times adding suspense. Just when you think it might go one way, it goes another way.  The Hills Run Red is a horror movie about horror films. Some of its scenes are so gruesome that you will involuntarily shut your eyes or look away. It is certainly not one to be watched by children. But if you love horrors, here is a good one to watch.

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