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Round two: Ssentongo ready to face Greenhalgh in court over property

Meddie and a lawyer

Meddie and a lawyer

Meddie Ssentongo was in court last week to answer a case where he is being charged for threatening a court bailiff with a fire arm. We had a brief chat with him about Briton David Greenhalgh’s latest request to court to attach all Meddie and Bad Black’s properties as well as freeze their bank accounts.

Through his lawyer, Patrick Furah, Greenhalgh said he had gathered information that Bad Black and Meddie had secret accounts where they were hiding money amounting to Shs2bn.
Meddie, who wore a smile calmly told us that he was ready to take on Greenhalgh in case he opens up another case against him. “These people are on a mission to make me broke. I have never been a friend to that man (Greenhalgh), I have never worked for him and we have never done business together, how can he talk about my property or my money? I am ready to defend what belongs to me!” Meddie told us! We are yet to establish if Greenhalgh is going ahead to file another suit against Meddie and Bad Black!

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