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Bebe Cool and family in drama at SA airport



Over the weekend, singer Bebe Cool performed at the Miss East Africa beauty pageant in South Africa. The singer however flew to SA along with his wife Zuena and last born son, baby Caysan Ssali. Yes, we were as equally shocked as you are that Bebe flew for an East African beauty pageant with a few-months old baby!
However,  all was well, until the singer reached Oliver Tambo airport, where he was asked for the visa of the child.

Bebe, quickly responded that the child was not even a year old and therefore they thought he didn’t require a visa. However, the official at the airport couldn’t take any of the singer’s explanations.
Bebe was up for embarrassment as the officials ordered him and his family to step aside. It took the intervention of Star QT fashion designer Stella Nankya and Shaffik Katumba aka Katsha who had flown Bebe to South Africa for the singer to be allowed into South Africa. Just asking, why would an artiste travel with a toddler for a show abroad?

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