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Hustler : James Winston Nnusu

 James Winston Nnusu

James Winston Nnusu

What do you do?
I have a company called Trucabin Connect. It’s a web services development company. We are located at Uma Showgrounds.

When did you start this business?
In 2010.

What’s the nature of this business?
We specialise in webhosting, domain registration and web marketing for the hosted and designed sites. So, we sell people’s businesses on the Internet if I may put it in a simple terms. You can visit for more information.

How much did you invest?
I started with about Shs3m to set it up, though it has grown over time.

What are some of the challenges you face in your business?
Most clients still look at the market as only Kampala and Uganda forgetting with the East African Community, they have a market of more than 120m people and with the Internet, they can get a worldwide market for their products. So, convincing a client to give us business may not be easy especially with the introduction of Facebook, which many think is a substitute for websites.

Did you study this or it’s something you took on later on?
I studied Information Science, specialising in databases, so I think it falls within the kind of business I do.

What are your rates?
A basic website can cost about Shs150,000 to host and register and there you go on the web for the whole world to see what you do. The cost of designing may vary depending on the nature of website you want.

How much is your rent?
I spend $300 (about Shs800,000) per month on rent.

Who are some of your clients?
My clients fall in a wide range of fields like tourism, entertainment, construction and e-commerce.

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