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Hustler : Abdul Kinman Manafi

What is the name of your business?
It’s called Musswat Royal Nails.

Abdul Kinman Manafi

Abdul Kinman Manafi

Why that name?
I derived it from Mswati, the king of Swaziland. His daughter Suzaka Mswati opened my business so I decided to name it after them.

What exactly does Musswat Royal Nails do?
We do everything concerning nails like acrylic nails (powder nails), gel nails, estant nails (fixing tips), manicure and pedicure, facials and massage.

What are your rates to get those services?
Acrylic nails go for Shs30,000 for a full set and refill is Shs15,000. Gel is Shs40,000 and refill is Shs20,000. Estant full set is Shs20,000. Cut down and coating is Shs10,000 while pedicure and manicure is Shs15,000. Massage is Shs10,000 for half body.

Why that business?
I was inspired by my big brother who has a lot of wealth from the same business. I first worked with him before I saved enough money to start up my own business.

How many customers do you get daily?
On a good day, I get about 30 customers and on a bad one, I get seven.

How much did you invest in Musswat Royal Nails?
Around Shs7m and I bought things like tables, machines, a TV screen, counter and a carpet, among other things.

How many employees do you have?
We are three and everyone has an area of expertise.

What are some of the things you have achieved from this business?
A lot. I have three plots of land, one in Munyonyo, another in Bulenga and another in Nansana. I also have a car (Harrier) from this business.

Where is this business located?
It’s on Luwum Street, MM Plaza, second floor, room number S 19.

What are some of the challenges you are facing in this business?
Some of my clients want free service.  Many people tend to undermine this kind of business and materials are also expensive.

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