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Date with a celeb: Tickie Tah meets fan Brenda Kirabo

Tickie Tah and Brenda.   PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE


Besides being Bebe Cool’s manager, Tickie Tah is also a gospel artist who does African dancehall, a blend of African and Jamaican beats. Tickie Tah met his fan Brenda at Barbeque Lounge.

Hi Tickie Tah how are you?
I’m good. What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Brenda Kirabo, a student pursuing BBA at Makerere University Business School. We all know you as Tickie Tah but what is your real name?
I’m Joseph Luwagga, of the Mpologoma clan.

How different is Tickie Tah from Joseph Luwagga?
The only difference is that Joseph is an ordinary, down to earth man yet Tickie Tah is an entertainer.

How did you come up with that name?
The name involves two things. Tickie is because I do everything to perfection and Tah comes from one of my favorite rappers from way back called Frickie Tah. So it’s pretty much a combination of both.

I heard you manage Bebe Cool. How do you cope up with such an artiste with all his drama?
Bebe Cool is one of the easiest artistes to work with in Uganda. He is so understanding and has a helpful heart. He takes care of many families and has a charity organisation.

You are a gospel artiste, why cooperate with secular artistes?
It’s not bad to deal with them and besides they are like my brothers. We get along pretty well and I know them from way back.

Are you married?
Not yet but I’m in the process.

Please tell me about you education background?
I went to Shimoni Demonstration School from P1 to P5, then finished my Primary at Kisubi Boys. I completed my O- Level at Nkumba SS and A-Level at Entebbe Parents’ School and then joined the music industry.

What would you implement if you had been in a top position?
For instance, if I was the Speaker of Parliament, I would have fought hard for the copy right law to be effected because many artistes put in a lot of effort but don’t benefit at the end of the day.

Among the songs you’ve done, which is your best?
Like most artistes, the first song takes the lead and to me Bwosaba is my favourite. I did it with Jose Chameleone and it took us places. It was one of the first songs to have artistes of different styles (gospel and secular) teaming up on a similar project.

What do you regret in life?
Not having gone to campus because I always wanted to do design, so maybe if I had sacrificed at least three years, I would have achieved my dream.

How does it feel being a celebrity?
It doesn’t move me at all because I’m a social person and I’m used to all that.

What’s new from Tickie Tah?
I have a gospel project I’m working on with Swangz Avenue’s Benon called Unshapable. So far, six songs are done. The project and it has artistes from both Uganda and Kenya.

Are you also beefing artists Bebe has beef with?
I’m a Christian who doesn’t believe in such. Personally, many of them are my close pals but we just have business divisions.

What have you achieved in the entertainment industry?
Easy accessibility to all the places, exposure to big people and big platforms in Uganda and overseas.

In your view, who is the complete artiste between Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone?
They are two different artistes and each has something more than the other. Bebe a versatile, aggressive and a complete entertainer while Chameleone is the most loved artist in East Africa.

Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.
Likewise and thank you for the love and support.

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