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Date with a celeb : Cotilda meets fan Alfred Opwonye

Cotilda and Alfred pose for a photo

Cotilda and Alfred pose for a photo

She’s one of the finest female comedians Ugandan has and she’s also a burgeoning radio presenter. Cotilda caught up with her fan Alfred Opwonye shortly before her gig at Laftaz Park in Centenary Park.

Hi Cotilda. Before anything else how old are you and what is your other name?
I’m 24 years old though it is difficult to believe and my full name is  Cotilda Inapo.

When did you realise you wanted to become a comedian?
Not so long ago. The thought crossed my mind when I failed to find a job. Guys refused to employ me so I decided to do something to get money out of them instead and comedy was what I decided to do to achieve that goal.

For how long have you been doing comedy?
Let me see, my first stage appearance was in 2009 meaning it’s coming to four years now.

How different are you from the personality you portray on stage?
Why are you asking? It’s like you want to challenge us in this industry. I reserve the right to remain silent.

Is comedy what you always wanted to do?
I’m one person who wanted to do all the things in life. One time I wanted to be a pilot, later a lawyer, then doctor, night dancer (which I always do in night clubs) … but comedy is what I realised I was good at.

How much do you get for every gig you perform?
There are people I have worked for, for a lot of money, so if I mention  a figure that is low, they’ll know I cheated them and there are those I’ve asked for little money who will say I’m bragging when I mention a lot of money but all in all, it depends on the gig.

What can I do to join the comedy industry?
First and foremost, you must have the passion then have a joking character in you and you must always be prepared at all times. Then do a lot of research.

How are you able to do radio, private shows and comedy?
Well, I force them to have a relationship. I do radio every day from 6am to 10am, then comedy happens every Tuesday from 8pm to 10pm and private functions at different times, especially over the weekend.

What else do you do apart from the three?
I’m a general broker. I do everything that brings money, if it sells, I do it, if it doesn’t, I don’t participate.

Are you in a relationship?
Be serious you guy. You are so funny.

Do you have stalkers just like any other celebrity?
I don’t pay attention because I’m too busy stalking other people especially those from OPM, UNRA, BOU, NSSF e.t.c.

What is your best moment on stage?
Wow. It needs a lot of thinking! Okay. My best moment is when something I hadn’t prepared pops up and it really cracks up the audience.

Do you have any shares in the comedy outfit you perform with?
I hear.

What inspires you?
Life in general, then my family and the big guy upstairs.

Who is your funniest comedian in Uganda?
I don’t have anyone in particular because they are all good and talented in different fields. So big up to every comedian in the industry.

It was nice meeting you Cotilda.
It was nice chatting with you. I’m going to start stalking you as well Alfred.

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