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Mugula, manager Alice, part ways



Unlike Golola Moses who kept in the news all the time, Ugandan kick-boxing star Ronald Mugula is rarely in the papers, maybe because he does more kick-boxing than talking. But we have learnt that Mugula’s problem stems from his manager, Alice Namatovu. We gathered information within Mugula’s camp that Alice did not agree with one of the key sponsors on Mugula’s fight with Nagy sometime last year. As such, the sponsor who was behind Mugula’s fight, has since refused to invest in another fight for the kick boxer.

A source told us that Mugula told Alice that he was done working with her but she turned a deaf ear. Alice is a sports analyst on UBC TV and a former manager at Club Rouge and Club Lebojoulais. The source told us that Alice is still talking to potential sponsors on behalf of Mugula even after her contract with him officially ended a few months back. The source told us that Ronald Mugula is lined up for a big fight with an internationally acclaimed fighter who is yet to be named, and that Alice is not part of the organisation for this one.

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