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The Track: Attuse, by Reema


You cannot help but sit back, cross-legged, in that thoughtful finger-on-the-chin pose and marvel at just how much improvement this pretty girl – notice the dimples when she smiles – has made in her music.

The maturity, for one, is simply staggering. I mean, here is a girl who, of all things under the sun, chose to sing about her nipple, not very long ago. But she seems to have flashed all that triviality and inexcusable vanity down the sewer line of eternal amnesia. And that is a very nice thing indeed, because right now, you will sing along to Attuse (which comes hot on the heels of Oli Wange) and get the reassuring satisfaction of listening to well-thought-out mature music.

This is Rema’s true class. This is where she belongs. This is where she comes across fully dignified, a diva even, not like the pseudo sex symbol she was in Cease and Sekkle. Attuse is a Luganda word meaning ‘he/she has arrived.’ The song celebrates the arrival of a longed for lover. On this form, it would not be wrong to conclude that Rema, attuse; lest of course she goes and starts ‘ceasing and sekkling’, all over again.

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