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The Music Video – Tombuza, by Barbi Jay


This video starts with Barbi Jay seated on the stairs of Cham Towers just along Nkrumah Road. At first I was lost on the use of the Maltese puppy and cassette radio by his side. But when the girl he sings about appears with her own puppy, and the two puppies get in a playful mood, I finally applauded the creativity. Whoever thought of this really knows about connecting the dots in a music video.

Directed by Frank Ja of JahLive, this video brands Barbie Jay as someone who has already mastered his art. Though we have only heard about him in Sumbasa, a song he did with Eddie Kenzo, this video paints a picture that he is not your average upcoming artiste.

One of the negative points with this video are the few blurry parts perhaps due to poor lighting during the video shoot.

Barbi Jay’s attires are also impressive in this video, thumbs up to his designer/costumes stylist. Plus, those grassy plains, the windy conditions and the sunshine evoke the love emotions as one watches this video. The other funny bit was when Barbi Jay tried to carry the girl but failed in a playful way. The video should also be commended on the close shots of the two characters. It is not crowded with many characters.

The video ends off well with Barbi Jay falling down and the girl following suit. It’s one nice video for an already great audio.

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