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The DVD: The Eagle


In a historical setting, you will watch Marcus (Channing Tatum) a Roman, in a brave quest to find a lost legion’s golden emblem that was taken from his father, bringing shame to his family’s honour. But Marcus while at battle injured his leg and is therefore not fit to go on this mission. As expected, this does not stop him from working out to regain a little strength. He pushes himself so hard and does get better. On his quest, he takes with him his slave who turns out to be more honourable than Marcus’s people as he stays with him even after he has regained freedom to do as he pleases. But one man’s kindness is not enough to get him to recover something as valuable as a legion. This quest gives us an epic watch. Marcus and his slave are great actors. They will keep you glued to the screen. The movie teaches virtues of loyalty, honesty and trust. It is a classic that you should watch.

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