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Tirupati’s young money Miraj gets hitched



At age 24, Miraj Barot (no relation to Young Money’s Nicki Minaj) is one of the richest young men in Uganda. He is the joint managing director of his father’s vast business empire Tirupati Development that is majorly involved in real estate.

He also has his own real estate business, Tulip, an offshoot of his father’s company that is developing several properties in and around Kampala. The young man who has been married to business since the age of 14, has finally landed a gorgeous belle whom he is set to wed this coming week in India.

Word from close sources is that Miraj can’t hide his excitement over the fact that he has now become a man. Several people have been flown from Kampala to attend the ceremony that is billed to have the fanfare of Bollywood weddings in India. Way to go dude, after all the saying goes that behind every successful man is a woman.

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