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She is famous for having started lingerie parties in this town. Jackie Klein is the beautiful, aggressive girl that pushed her lingerie fashion shows to different hangouts across this town.
And until bikini dancers as well as Club Silk’s exotic pole dancers came into place, Jackie’s fashion shows were always an assured sellout. Jackie was able to start a lingerie shop and still hold a few of the exhilarating fashion shows but only in up market places.

But that’s not the reason Klein is in the news today. News is that she is expecting. We learnt about Klein’s new status when we bumped into her at a hangout joint earlier this week. We eavesdropped on her conversation with a friend and she went as far as showing her friend her last scan which showed the position of her baby.
Although Klein chose to stay tightlipped about details of the man responsible for her status, a friend told us Klein is dating an Asian investor who recently started up a couple of businesses in Uganda.

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