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The track : LOVE ME – YUNG MULO

Young Mulo

Young Mulo

Don’t you wonder just how simple the things that throw us into fits of unchecked excitement are? Music fans around this town have run off the cliff of ecstasy over Yung Mulo, the new talent at Leone Island. And for what, you may want to ask. Pretty little, I am afraid.

Mulo is a small lad, and can easily pass for a teenager just winding his days away. His music too, for all its appeal, pretty much sounds like a self-praise monologue of a boy steeped deep in the troubles of puberty. Who else would do a song whose chorus talks entirely about girls loving him? Surely, we could look beyond the excitement and see that there is nothing this boy is communicating to us.

But ah well, I cannot begrudge such a club banger for long, now can I? Mulo’s Love Me does not say much, but it’s got an X factor to it. It is not ragga like we’ve never heard before, but it is exciting, nice on the ear, and even better on the dance floor. Yung Mulo has got Kampala’s music fans in his hands right now, and he’s having the time of his life. Not even I would stop a young man (without much sense to say), from enjoying his time.

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