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P-Square kicking off Xmas festivities

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P Square

EAST OR WEST. Nigerian brothers Peter and Paul Okoye are the biggest duo on the African continent. They will be holding a show at the Lugogo Cricket Oval this evening, Edgar R. Batte talked to the twins about how they have managed an international breakthrough and what Ugandans should expect at the show.

What have you guys been up to of late?
2012 has been a busy year. We have been on tour all over the world. It has also been the year of hits like Chop My Money, (Beautiful Onyinye) and Alingo!

We hear you are the most expensive artistes on the African continent…how true is this?
Well, if that’s what people are saying there must be some truth in it.

How much do you charge for performances?
(Laughs)  Let’s go on with the interview.

Is it true you guys have a private jet?
We often use a private jet when we go on tour. It’s a convenient way to travel especially with our busy schedule.

This is your fourth time in Uganda, what do you love about this country?
Uganda is the first country we ever visited in East Africa. We love the people of Uganda, they are friendly and love to have a good time. We are excited to come back!

How were you able sign up with Akon’s label Konvict Music?
We have known Akon for a long time. He has always been a friend and supporter of P-Square. It was just a matter of time until the deal materialised.

How were you able to link up with Rick Ross on the Beautiful (Onyinye) song, and what is it like working with big stars like him?
As you already know, we are signed to Akon’s Konvict Music, so it was easy for him to link us to Rick Ross, one of the best hip hop artistes of the moment. Rick Ross is one cool guy! Working with him was fun and easy.

Tell us about Beautiful (Onyinye) …. people in Kampala love it.
It’s a love song about a girl that is the most beautiful gift from God.

What would you consider your biggest achievement as artistes?
We have put African Music on a global scale and we are showing the world that we can be just as successful as American artistes.

Do you know of any Ugandan artiste you would consider doing a collabo with?
We know a lot of Ugandan artistes like Navio, Chameleone, the girls from Blu3, Radio and Weasel and many others. When it comes to collaborations, this needs to be well planned and thought about. But it could happen someday.

What does it take for an African artiste to break through into the international market?
Big hits that can crossover but are still African. It’s all about the music and how you package it.

Looking back, did you guys expect you would become as big as you’ve become today?
We always had our hopes and our dreams. Now we are living them.

What would you say makes you tick and has helped you soar?
Good music and videos. And support from all of our fans across Africa!

What inspired Chop My Money that you did with Akon?  And the video is beautiful too, where did you shoot it?
Chop My Money was inspired by girls that we want to spend money on. The video was shot in Atlanta, US.

Do you guys write your own music or someone else does?
We write all of our music.

What should fans in Uganda expect at your concert?
An energetic live band performance. We will take our fans on a musical journey of our best hits.

Where do we see you guys in the next five to 10 years to come?
Still doing what we do best! Making great music!

Any message for your fans?
We love our fans in UG. We are excited to come back to Uganda and give you guys another awesome P-Square performance!

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