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Fashion tip : Dressing up for concerts




It seems artistes are taking the stage costume thing too seriously. Many have shocked us with their outrageous outifts and a few have impressed us.
Christine W. Wanjala

Having a concert every other weekend, Uganda has seen its share of these. From the good, the bad, the ugly to the horrid. And this is from both the male and female artistes. Now this is where there is distinct difference between Ugandan artistes and the international crop. Except for Lady Gaga and other attention seeking divas, the other artistes wear pretty normal fare for the stage. Maybe it is ridiculously expensive, but it is pants and jump suits and dresses and shorts. Oh I forgot to add Nicki Minaj as another attention seeking diva.

Come to Uganda and the day an artiste has a concert, they will dress as if it is Halloween. For those of you less informed, Halloween is an American holiday that more and more clubs are trying to pass off as normal in Uganda with Halloween night on October 31.

So back to artistes and their outfits, I think they do take the whole stage costume too seriously forgetting that their fans after being treated to the likes of Lady Gaga’ s meat dress  see theirs as a weak attempt. Seriously, expecting to shock people or stir some sensation with a ghastly or daring outfit is so 2002.

I still think artistes look great when they clean up nice as opposed to trying to look like the undertaker or superman or some other ridiculous costume. Take a cue from Kanye, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Lil Wayne. They tend to dress up in cool trends leaving the imitation of aliens and appearing in eggs to the drama queens. Especially if one is already an established artiste, why should they struggle to cause a splash?

To all the upcoming artistes out there, here’s some advice, learn how to dress to impress. Maybe you can try being unique but don’t go overboard by sewing on cow hides, gourds and stuff like that. Those things of leather head to toe, army, police and prison uniforms have been passed by time and have been over recycled!

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