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Contract killers

Contract killers

Jane (Frida Farell) is tall, slender and pretty with endless legs. She comes off as harmless but that is only until her husband is murdered by her former employer. Then we see the other side of her, an impressive side. She can shoot with a gun not just one but two. She is good with her legs and hands too and can crack and break bones with their help.

When she gets onto a motor cycle, the police cars are no match for her. Jane rides moving almost at sound speed. In fact, at some point she seems to ride right through the screen and then back into it.

Jane is on a revenge mission, it is the only thing that keeps her going. This is certainly no match for Colombiana which is faster and more action packed but it has its great moments. In fact this movie comes off as draft of Colombiana making me suspect that the makers of Colombiana copied Contract Killers which hit the big screens years before Colombiana did and so like many copy cats, they improved it.


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