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Unlike usual, I will struggle to hate on this Navio song. And the reason is simple; Navio rarely ever says much in his raps and songs. He will rhyme on and on in a banter that can at times be creaking with vainness and nothingness.

It is hard to say there is a theme that stands out from Navio’s rhymes. Go ahead; tell me one if you can find it. Navio’s rap is the kind that seems directed at gaining rhyme first and fore mostly, and then, as a secondary function, putting some idea or other across.

But what this song, like many other Navio songs, lacks in terms of meaningful thought-provoking lyrical content (he somehow manages to stick to one subject, praising the girl who is his one and only), it makes up for with a feel-good factor. You know that kind of put-your-hands-in-the air-and-wave-them-like-you-just-don’t-care kind of song.  So yes, One and Only should turn out to be a favourite for many on the dance floor.

The boost of a strong chorus line, swaying beats, and yes, I’ll concede, Navio’s suave flow, make this song worth the while. And even if after the song is done, you will not remember much that is said, at least its rhyme will stick. And that’s not so bad.

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