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Exit Speed

This movie is such a low budget type with probably only four settings. What is impressive is that despite that, it is still captivating and unique. The making of the movie cost $3,7m. It might not be as little as Uk film Monsters whose budget was around $500,000 but even then, compared to Avatar which is said to have cost $280m, the cost of Exit Speed is peanuts.

It is in this that Meredith Cole (Julie Mond) stars as a corporal on the run as she is accused of assaulting a commanding officer. She ends up in a bus of nine strangers on Christmas eve.

Their journey is disrupted by murderous bikers who lead them into a deserted area making it convenient for the bikers to kill and steal from the passengers. The passengers have to kill to survive. But how do you kill when you have never done as little as harming a bee before?

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