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Goodlyfe boys in airport tax saga?

The Good Lyfe

The Good Lyfe

Our Sherlocks at Entebbe Airport report that Mowzey Radio and Weasel were last week left shaken after what the airport officials deemed “smuggling.”
The pair was apparently held for some time on their way back from China after being found with suitcases full of untaxed goods.

They had phones, clothes and shoes that were not declared at the customs and this is where the problem started, according to a source.

But Mowzey’s smooth voice paved their way to safety by asking for pardon and promised not to repeat that mistake again.

The pair was ordered to pay half of the taxes, amounting to about Shs6m, before freeing them.
But the Goodlyfe camp has denied the story. When contacted Goodlyfe manager Allan Kiwanuka termed the story as wolokoso (loose talk) saying that the guys returned from China with no incident.

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