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Chameleone unveils Daniella Villas


Daniella Villas

Daniella Villas

Jose Chameleone has unveiled his latest investment, the Daniela Villas, several upscale apartments that he has acquired in the Namboole neighborhood. Chameleone remained tight lipped on how much he had spent on the apartments but close allies told us that the singer had received tens of thousands of dollars from the ongoing Moto Moto Pepsi promotion and he topped up to complete payment for the apartments he has been paying for, for some time now.

And to ensure the message goes out to his fans, Chameleone made a post on his Facebook wall on Monday evening, “After not performing @ 2012 Olympics, time running out @ (Africa) Unplugged (show in London), the nude gal saga, I unveil out of Chameleone Investments, Daniella Villas-Namboole …” But Chameleone was not yet done; the singer reminded a certain “Neighbour Z” to wake up!” It should be remembered that Bebe Cool recently insinuated that a certain “Neighbour A” had fooled the country saying he was going to perform at the Olympics, which didn’t come to pass, so it is not hard to figure out who Chameleone referred to as “Neighbor Z.” Whichever way he puts it, it’s a big achievement; Congs Chameleone!

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