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Alaka passes on ride to Chandiru

Singer Jackie Chandiru with lawyer Caleb Alaka

Singer Jackie Chandiru (R) with lawyer Caleb Alaka

Singer Jackie Chandiru’s intimacy with famous lawyer Caleb Alaka is no longer a secret, the two are known lovebirds who no longer care to display intimacy at any given opportunity.

And what does a woman get from dating a successful lawyer? Let’s take Jackie for example; besides shifting from her Makindye apartment where she had lived since her days in Blu3, to a better residence in the Ntinda surburb. Jackie also recently upgraded from her Pajero short Chassis to a luxurious Land Cruiser V8 that formerly belonged to Alaka.

We have bumped into Jackie cruising the white machine to different hangouts. One of Jackie’s closest ally confessed to us that Alaka had actually handed over the ride to Jackie after she turned down an offer for a new car from him. “She insisted she wanted the Land Crusier,” the source revealed. Congs Jackie!

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