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Hustler : Jemima Candiru – Jeweller

Jemima Candiru

Jemima Candiru

When did you start making jewellery?
In Form 5. I used to do it for fun because then I would play around with my sister’s necklaces. In Form 6 I realised I would make sensible jewellery because in most cases my sister liked the aftermath of my toying with her jewellery. Since then, I was making stuff for free until this year when I started earning from it. I showed some of my work to my friends, my sister also took me to her office and most people find my work amazing. Today I receive orders from people describing what they want and I make it for them.

What are you studying?
Bachelor of Business Administration at Mubs. It’s helping me identify ways of widening my outlook on business and also guarantees a bright future because I have hope of starting my own company and being my own boss. I no longer string beads as a past time, I’m instead prepping to be my own boss. I’m prepping for my own business.

How do you come up with the designs?
I’m not good at sketching so I don’t even try doing it, but I take descriptions from clients, draw up visuals in my brain and deliver the final product in less than a day. I have a work mindset that doesn’t allow me to sleep or do anything else until I’m finished with everything I have to do. For the designs, I draw inspiration from fashion magazines, random things I look at and sometimes I start working on something having no idea what the final piece will look like. I also like to pimp bags and shoes. I make bangles, earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces… I’m starting on belts and bags.

And how do you charge?
What I charge depends entirely on material.  However, I’m keen enough to make sure it doesn’t blow up beyond unreasonable figures and it’s not less than 5000. I’m working on setting an outlet as soon as I’m done with school.

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