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Fashion Tip: The Trench Coat

It is not exactly winter, we don’t experience it in Uganda anyway, but the rainy season is here. The trench coat will keep you stylishly warm.

It is no news that living this side of the globe, we do not get winter, or autumn or fall, or any real seasons for that matter. We are so aware of the fact that we have allocated the seasons names to well, other things, like how summer to us is just a generic term for anyone in a weave and an accent, who shows up around December from outside countries.

Back to the real issue, we may not have really cold weather, but far be it from us to be left behind when the rest of the world enjoys cold weather fashion. Specifically the trench coat. It is a hot fashion item for cool weather but eeh! if it is forcing we will force to wear it.

On a serious note though, the trench coat is one way to keep cool and trendy. For girls and boys, though for the dudes you will have to wear a hat as well and drive a Porsche just to complete the look. Otherwise it may come off as too snazzy for the average guy.The girls can pull it off easier.

So here are some tips on wearing the trench.

Pick the right weather: Yes there is no winter but there are some days the sky is overcast, or there’s a drizzle, there are even those rare occasions when it is actually genuinely chilly. Perfect excuse to wear the trench coat.

Pick what to wear it with: The obvious combo is with skinny jeans or the ultimate go to, tights. But did you know a trench coat and flared pants and a pair of heel equals glamour? You didn’t, well now you do, go try it. From the girls on the upper eastside, we learn you can wear it with a dress or as a dress (of course with panty hose), and it is still pretty. Of course this depends on a length of the trench which brings me to the next tip.

There’s a cool length: Yes the undertaker look is so out with a trench all the way to your ankle. Mid way between the hip and knee is cool, knee length is also in.

The trench spans a wide range of colours and styles so there should be something for everyone. Now a cool day or a drizzle is all the blessing you need to pull it off. Good luck!!

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