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Keko signs to Sony BMG?

Keko has been in contact with Sony BMG Africa, we understand – but she will not be talking about it. Well, news hit our desk that the hip-hop sensation has made a couple of trips to South Africa trying to cut a deal with the music label. We endeavoured to ring her and all she could say was, “I am not in position to comment about it.” It is not that she had no comment so basically she left us to do the guessing. The good thing though is that our Sherlocks were at hand to give us a little more information. It is also understood that Keko is set to do a collabo with South Africa’s girl of the moment Toya Delazy who – ironically – is signed to Sony.

Delazy looks like Keko from a distance and they almost have a similar character. Well, maybe Keko just wants to do a collabo with someone who looks like her. Just maybe, you know!

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