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George Mulindwa prepares for comeback

Cue hyperventilation – our detective skills have unveiled a corker.

George Mulindwa, the man who made heads turn with his brief but blissful music career in the 1990s, has given us reason to let our imaginations run wild with his comeback-related remarks.

We think we might be have a chance to meet the US-based reggae singer on the Kampala streets tomorrow.

He has dropped hints that he is missing the Ugandan music industry and he will be travelling to the motherland to rejuvenate his music career in August.

Our Sherlocks on the outskirts of Boston tell us that Mulindwa, who was also known as the Lucky Dube of Uganda, has been busy in the studio recording two albums at a go.

He belongs to the golden reggae/ lovers’ rock generation and the likes of Titan Takuba and Tempra Omona, and so his comeback should be a good sign.

Don’t you think so, Shanks Vivie D and Rasta Rob?

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