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Fire Base Crew’s new members?

If you are a regular concert goer, you know there is one rule that absolutely must be followed: do not occupy a reserved table — even if it is at Mega Dee’s show. Well, that is how it has always been until these two ladies came and tried to rewrite the rulebooks at Eddie Kenzo’s album launch at Equatorial Hotel on Friday. With Bobi Wine and his crew a no-show at the concert, the ladies pulled a fast one on some unassuming ushers by occupying a table reserved for Fire Base crew. But something seemed wrong: the pair looked uneasy all-through perhaps hoping that the Ghetto gladiator does not show up. You would think someone would have informed them that the table was reserved for the Ghetto President, but when you are caught up in the moment of potentially sitting in “His Excellence’s” chair, the rules go out the window.

The ladies managed to occupy the table throughout the night. Cunningness or boldness, this pair won on possibility.

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