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Bad Black Insults Meddie

After being silent for a very long time, socialite Sharifa Namuyimba aka Bad Black finally has something to say about the man she calls her lover, Meddie Ssentongo. And we are dead sure, this is stuff Black and Meddie’s accuser’s lawyers would love to read!

In her posts that contain gross, abusive and vulgar language, Black calls Meddie a poor man, her houseboy whose family she helped a lot. In her posts Black attacks a one Mida (believed to be a relative to Meddie) for peddling rumours that she is broke and that she asks for money from Meddie.

In one of her posts, Black posted that she has money and even wrote account no. 4600 5531 0067 in UBA as the place where she is “hiding” the money.

Black also posted her email address and password on her wall, and requested anybody who cared to, to help her change her Facebook name from “Black Meddie Sentongo” to “Black Sharifa Namuyibwa!”

We are yet to establish what might have sparked that off, but a source told us, one of Black’s former friends who is currently dating Meddie has been sending abusive messages to Black, and now she is responding! Let’s see where this ends!

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