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Maurice Kirya gives his Beetle to Mzungu friend

Maurice Kirya has been in love with his VW Beetle for quite some time, but he shocked us this week when gave it to a Mzungu friend. The Boda boda singer fresh from a Big Brother Africa performance said he had acquired new wheels but does not know the make. Really? Quite true, because when we called a one Tom, the very surprised recipient said knowing Maurice’s ways, he is not particular about certain things.

“It could be possible he doesn’t know his car’s make as long as it takes him from point A to B,” he said on phone. Meanwhile, Tom was all praises for Maurice whom he has known for two years. He says Maurice is a down to earth guy who did not like to sell his special car to anyone so he would rather give it to a friend. Tom, whose first car was also a Beetle, told Sqoop that he is currently doing a few repairs but will not tamper with Maurice’s graffiti. “I like the artwork; I won’t touch it at all. Maurice is the most giving person I have ever met, he is a good man,” the praises continued.

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